Boston Public Library Mckim Building

Boston Public Library was in 1852 with the help of the city and other. Boston Public Library was the 3rd largest library in the United Stated after library of congress and the Harvard University Library. This library covers over more than 7.5 million books, and it allow all resident of Massachusetts to borrow and used as a privilege of living in the state. Boston Public Library was the first library to offer takes home books and it was the first to have an open library for the public to use.
In 1826, George Ticknor a professor at Harvard University has an idea of building up a public library for the people to us. During the time George Ticknor couldn’t get enough people to be interested in this project. In 1841, Alexandra Vattemare a French man has gather up and idea to put all the Boston Library to into one big Boston Library. But his idea wasn’t quite interesting and no offers were being made toward this. But this didn’t stop Alexandra, he actually put some effort to send book from France to Boston. In this return of insisting having a public library many other anonymous have donate money toward this. Josiah Quincy JR, was the first person to donate 5,000 toward the library construction. Another person has help is Edward Everett in order to establish the library. He has put his own money and his own collection of books toward to the library. He also added the book from the library of Congress to fulfill the book in the library.
On March 1854, the Boston Public Library has established the reading room area for the public to use. The house of collection was part of the library has open up on the first day with 16,000 of books to share. In December of 1854, more books were being added to the house collection couldn’t hold the entire book. So they decided to have a new building that would hold up to 24,000 books. In this process the new library was located on Boylston Street, it was design by Charles Kirk Kirby. In 1878, the number of books keeps on adding, eventually the current building couldn’t hold up everything. So they decided one more time to have to library moved to a different location. It was still located on Boylston Street on the side of Copley cornering Dartmouth St. The Boston Public Library isn’t completed until 1895, this wouldn’t come true if it wasn’t for man name Joshua Bates. He has donated 50,000 dollar for the library, this library has many help from other like the tax payer.
The library today is such an amazing place to go to, when you first enter the door. There’s a warm feeling of welcoming. This library was not only for studying but also socialize as well, it welcome any kind of age. Within the library itself, there is a restaurant called Sebastians it located on the lower level of the library. On the first floor of the library, you can divide into many section, adult section and children section. Adult can come here to use to free access to the internet and private place to study. While the children has its own kind of fun atmosphere, and entertainment of children book and toy.
Foot step is the most common thing you can hear in the library, key typing and flipping the page, almost silence of the time. Many come here with a different kind of expression on their face. Early in the morning you would see an excitement of coming in here for some private quality for the adult. The children comes in with a laughter, and talks very loud as a way of expressing their feeling of overwhelming. As the afternoon rush in, people are head here with very rushing faces. As the day goes by the feeling of silence come closer and closer.
Everything in the library especially the Mckim building, the building itself has a long history behind it. Many structures in here are very Roman influent, from the pain on the ceiling and wall that mark with a deep meaning. The Bate hall is study room, has this very tall ceiling up in the air. As you study sometime can’t help it but to look up the ceiling and wondering how the created this master peace.
The window in this room is very interesting, it’s very big but because it’s has X-crossing shield on it, it’s make it feel so little. In a way has helped you from slacking off from looking on the outside.
As you go deep into the McKim building, you would find all images that are being pain all the wall. Every time I walk by it I have a different look

about the painting, and every time you feel as if the painting is coming alive. It’s so beautiful in every way for each of the painting, the painting itself has

a different meaning and culture behind it. In the hall way you would find big up on the ceiling as you walk through and up and down the stair.

When you’re in the library, especially if you’re in one of the building that were build by charle Mckim. You would find this iner peace within yourself,

the relaxation when you look at the paint on the wall. It doesn’t make you feel as if you were living in the city.

This library is a great place to study, enjoying what it has to offer for the public. There aren’t a lot of library in Boston Area or other places is as nice as this one. Some people could take it for granted and never step inside of this building. Because the library not just only offer books and resources but also the beauty within the library.

I would recommend anyone to come here either to read book in summer or watching the snow fall in the winter at the garden inside the Mckim building. This is could take you of thingsoff your mind. I feel as if it was design for that reason, because every room you step into there’s something that catch your attention and pull you into it.