The Boston Harbor Walk: A Visual Perspective

By: Jessica Brown

This is a photo I took while on the Harbor Walk during my first observation.


This Photo was taken during my second observation at low tide.

I chose to observe the Harbor Walk because I feel it has so much to offer visually. When I went for my first hour observation I noticed several things. The first thing I saw was of course the ocean. The water looked cool and crisp and was rippling with waves from the wind and boats within the water. It smashed up against the rocks on the surrounding shoreline just below where I was standing on the path. Ducks and Seagulls were flying above the water and occasionally scooping down to eat. Parts of land were exposed in different areas of the water from a low tide. In the distance I could see small islands in the water. I could also see the gas tank and other buildings across the water which are lit up at night. The pathway was long. It had small stone blocks set up with interconnecting chains to stop people from falling in. On my opposite side their were several benches along the grass line. Many trees can be seen beyond the benches which have begun to change color due to the change in season. There is an old looking building a little further down the path. It looks to be old and is made of brick. It is circular in shape and it seems to not be in use. I wonder what its there for. As I continue to walk I see an old looking dock. There is a small boat attached to it at the bottom. It is vacant and doesn’t look very safe. I assume that it would be of great use to fishers.

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