Its Features and Details all have a Specific Purpose

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View from one of the sides of the Station
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View from inside the station, walking from the train.

Everyday places may seem uninteresting, but there is a lot more action that goes on during different times of the day and history behind a simple structure that makes it be what it is. I have done my project at the Alewife Station; the last stop of the red line located the intersection of Alewife Brook Parkway and Cambridgepark Drive in Cambridge. The station took its name which is a species of fish that inhabits the Mystic River, after Alewife Brook a nearby tributary of the river. In the 1970s the original plan on route 2 was to make it part of the Inner Belt with eight lanes long to carry large volumes of traffic, but then unfortunately it became cancelled and the route became overbuilt, therefore the station’s purpose of its location was to “capitalize” Route 2 investment. The station was opened in March 1985, and today is know to be the “local Intermodal Transportation Hub” with direct connections to Route 2 at exit 61, to the Minuteman Bikeway, the Cambridge Linear Park, and the Fitchburg Cutoff Path. Even though I go to the station twice a week and sometimes on the weekend to just catch a train, I had never noticed what the purpose of its facilities and actions that goes on during the day.