Albert Kahn: Using Architecture to Influence the Manufacturing Industry.
Figure 1. Ford's Engineering Lab
Figure 2. Six-Story Hoistway

The world has always looked at architecture as a profession for the highly educated and articulately blessed; “the public perceives architecture as a career for creative, free spirits who nonetheless earn good money while designing cool new buildings”, (Nemko 1), says U.S. News. As well as restating the quote reinforces that fact that architects are looked at not as normal people but as a step above. Architects are universally stereotyped as creators of splashy new buildings that break away from the norm. Still in the Progressive Era, having the need for production is better in a growing society, working in favor for an architect. In the 1900’s, Albert Kahn, made his living off of designing industrial work and influencing the manufacturing industry. Change was big on the list because of war and cars even higher on that list. Kahn answered a cry out for more efficient and productive industrial factories. As the nation grew more industrialized the price of production needed to decrease while production it- self needed to increase. As coming from a big family saving money was important to Kahn. Kahn’s buildings increased productivity while at the same time lower costs for an economy in need of a solution.